Sunday, 25 October 2009

An Introduction

What to say to the wargaming bloggo-sphere that isn't listening?

This (hopefully) will be a blog about how wargaming fits into my life. Whilst wargaming is my hobby, and has been since I was 8, I try to balance it with the other calls on my time which often, quite rightly, take priority. Like many other gamers I have a proper job that sometimes intrudes, rudely, on what I want to do. More importantly I have a family that I want to be able to spend time with (although the children are now old enough to look after themselves, both being in further education). Oh, and I like to read the odd fiction book and watch cult television (but not in a nerdy fashion. Honest. After all I'm north of 40)

So this will cover not just games I play, and figures I paint, but also the techniques I employ to get it done in the time real life leaves available for it. For example, I plan each year to paint and finish two large opposing 15mm armies and develop a viable set of rules for them. I usually manage to achieve this, although the credit crunch has made this difficult this last couple of years (not for reasons of funding, - I hasten to add, this is not a begging blog, - simply that work became a lot more serious and there is no CDO based round securitising wargames figures).

So the first few postings wil be about how I get them done, interspresed with the odd picture of games we play locally.

Oh, and there'll be stuff about DIY shops and power tools as well.


  1. I have become a follower of your blog, because of this one post as it so succinctly puts everything down in one place.

  2. Thanks "Paint it Pink" (or can I call you PiP for short?). As first comenter award yourself a gold star. You can do this as a grown-up as you have control of the star-box.

    Which bit did you like (was it the power tools?)

  3. More of I could tell you were a kindred spirit and just to reassure you that even when people don't leave comments, there is a good chance they are reading your stuff, but it is always nice to read comments.