Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bloggin' whilst the paint dries

This evening has been rescued from what looked like complete disaster. I thought I would get an early night, and was bunking off out of the office, laptop stowed, when I got the "'ere Treb" call from the boss' office.

Now he's a really nice bloke, but he's out and about a lot so how was I to know he was in his office at that time of night as I walked past. Anyhow he has a number of business and staffing issues he wants me to clarify for him. We agree that people cause problems and that an AK47 (the gun not the game) is probably the best answer for a lot of things. (He tends to run the department based on the last war movie he watched. The Band of Brothers phase went on for a long, long, time). So that's half an hour gone, although in fairness it was important and it is what I get paid for (yup, Grown Ups do have to deal with Real Life, don't they?) so I shouldn't complain.

When I eventually get in I find I've forgotten that Mrs Trebian has a Guide Association District meeting but that she doesn't need transport from me, so after a swift evening meal it's up to the desk for a bit of guilt free painting.

I've now got a couple of ECW infantry regiments on the go, and I'm waiting for the jacket colour to dry. They will be a green and a blue regiment, because I like green and blue. I'm reminded again of how little we know about most ECW regiments as I slap the acrylics on.

The last post, - about Battleground - required me to slog my way through a large collection of old hobby magazines. I knew the programme was late 1970's, and I was sure it was in "Military Modelling". However having flicked through 1977 - 1979 I still hadn't found it, so I went through "Battle" and sure enough there it was.

The thing about flicking through mags like this is that it's never a short task. Before long your eye falls upon the odd interesting article and advert (new minifig winged hussars!) and you end up reading most of a magazine you haven't picked up in 20 years (nope, don't throw much out. Drives Mrs T nuts).

Anyway there was a multi part article about standards of the English Civil War in MM at about this time. It comes over as really authoritative, - nice big A4 page with loads of flags on it. But then I realise that actually it's about 5 or 6 flags from each regiment, - ie Colonel's standard, majors, first captain etc. Seeing as the differentiation is just in the number of insignia on it I have to say I'm cheated. You don't need to show all of them to work out what they are like.

I've been trying to model my Parliamentarians on Waller's forces, and the information we have on standards is poor. The best stuff we have is on the defeated Royalist forces at Naseby because so many flags were captured. Books, and magazine articles, just repeat the same flags over and over again. There's so many people who have an interest in selling books on uniforms and standards that few will admit the emperor has no clothes. The best & most honest web resource I've found is on Pete Berry's Baccus 6mm website at:


It's good stuff if you want to know what we really know.

Now back to some painting.


  1. Yes I have used Peters site for my inspiration though I ended up making my own flags and basing them on ones from his site rather than making them 100% accurate. As you say there really is little hard evidence. My units only have two flags but look ok to me.

  2. Mine have one flag each and look brilliant.

    At least I think so.