Tuesday, 10 November 2009

If it's not one thing...

So I thought I'd have a fairly clear run this week. Swept up the leaves in the garden at the weekend and finished off some DIY.

And now I've got a cold. Nothing serious, just your average coughs and sneezes. It's not like I feel really ill, - still going in to work for example, it's just that it is so inconvenient.

The moment you pick up a paint brush to start anything your nose starts off again and you're rummaging for tissues or a handkerchief with a wet paintbrush in the other hand. And coughing when you're not expecting it puts blobs of paint where you don't want them even if you're using as basic a painting technique as I use.

So the ECW artillery is perched on the desk one stage from completion and the dragoons are part way through blocking in and not looking like being finished for a day or so. That'll put me even further behind the painting schedule as I've got a couple of days off at the weekend so I'll be off doing Christmas shopping or whatever.


Ah well, it could be worse I suppose, but being ill isn't half as much fun when you're a Grown Up. It's not like when you were at school and you could spend the day in bed being fed and reading back copies of the "Victor" or the latest "Commando" comic, or trying to develop a 54mm skirmish game that works on the bed whilst you're still in it.

Of course in those days there was no daytime TV to distract you or videos so you got so much more done when you were off school.

Now, I'm off to give those dragoons another go. Sniff.


  1. Ah yes the bug that is going around. Had that last week and I'm still getting over it. Not ill enough to be off work, but pretty drained and felt miserable.

    Still, I soldiered on and textured the bases for my first AK47 PLO unit, and the bases for my first platoon of WW1 British infantry. Just did a little bit at a time and it certainly distracted me from feeling ill.

  2. Trebian,

    Hope that you are beginning to feel better now as I have missed reading your almost daily blog entries.


  3. Yup, back with the living and having a day's holiday to catch up with stuff.

    Have seen something that really irritates me on the wargaming front, so rant blog to be posted in next day or so.