Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Painting Toy Soldiers (3)

Take that Real Life! Yesterday's gloomy prognostication proved to be wrong as today didn't go to bad. Whole stack of stuff had to be done, whole stack of stuff duly done. Out of the office by 5:45pm.

So, final stages. From here on it all becomes very easy (Painting Toy Soldiers, that is, not Real Life). Once the polyfilla and sand have dried off, - probably takes overnight, - it only really needs a coat of basing paint. As you can see from the picture I paint my bases with Dulux, which I also use to paint my wargames table, scenery bases and anything else that needs to be grass colour. That way I get a reasonably consistent look.

Another advantage is that if you know the colour number (post a comment of you want to know the number for this shade) you can go back again and again for a pot the right colour. And it is so much cheaper than any type of model paint, and honestly it's often a better quality, more consistent and not in need of stirring or anything like that.

Any how, I've been going on about this for years, and no one has come up to me and said "What a great idea!". I even have another favourite shade for sandy bases. I have to admit this isn't really my idea either. It was recommended to me when I met Terry Wise at a northern wargames show, and I wasn't grown up enough to take him seriously (great bloke Terry, - I met him through WD & corresponded for a few years. Then lost touch, - easy to do in the pre-Facebook era).

Finally I dry brush over the top with a light brown to give the bases a bit more depth, and then I'm done. The result won't ever win prizes, but at least it gets the job done.

There's one last point to make, but alas I'm out of time for a number of real world reasons. Catch up tomorrow.


  1. That's a rubbish picture of the completed figures. I'll replace it tomorrow.

    Oh no, I'm talking to myself on my own blog.

  2. Hi there

    Could you share the code for that Dulux green in the above picture ?

    regards Paul

  3. Thanks most useful.

    I assume looking at the pictures of you using the paint you don't water down the green or the black you use for undercoating ?

    regards Paul

    1. I don't water the green. I water down the black now when I undercoat but I don't think I did for these figures.