Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Painting Toy Soldiers (Fourth and Last)

The final stage with the figures is what to do with them once they are painted.

For 15mm figures my current solution is slim file boxes. They aren't as cheap as the deep ones, but they are pretty much the perfect size and depth as long as you don't have cavalry with upright lances.

I divide the boxes up with strip wood, - 6mm x 30mm I think (look, I just go into Bill's hardware shop and buy the stuff from the same place, - I can't carry sizes in my head). Applying Grown Up rules this isn't hard to do. Don't faff around doing this on your work desk. I use a B&D Workmate with a tenon saw and a mitre block to cut the stuff up, and I glue it in place with Evostick woodglue. If I've left all the boxes for an army 'til last I even use a powered jigsaw to cut the wood. It's quick, neat & accurate.

This method doesn't take long, and produces robust, lightweight storage. I finish the boxes off with inlays with regiment/unit names in them (DTP on laptop) so that anyone can put them away properly and then label top, front & side with the army name & contents.

It all sounds a bit anal but in the long run it saves time.

As the areas for the figures are made to measure I have very few problems with movement in transit, even tho' I don't use magnabase.

So, in summary, I can't paint but all my stuff is finished and sorted out. Beat that.


  1. I have really enjoyed reading your recent blog entries, especially as the end products of your painting system - well the ones I have seen on the tabletop - look very good indeed.

  2. The finished product and look is what it is all about. Individually they look like a 6 year old has painted them, but collectively they look fine. And they are consistent and finished.

    Which counts for a lot.