Saturday, 7 November 2009

Real Life (Part 4)

The replacement leaf blower came earlier in the week, so I spent an hour or so alternately blowing leaves into big heaps then sucking them up into little pieces. Deeply satisfying in some ways, although also futile. I have a very large tree in my garden and it does have a lot of leaves. There are more to come down, the compost bin is full, the recycling bin is full and the green waste bags for going to the tip are full.

Hence no painting this morning.

I've now sat down the paint and the blasted thing has given me muscle spasms in both arms & hands. Can barely smear polyfilla onto bases, let alone do even the basic colour blocking. This is not a good thing.

Added to that my new mobile phone / e-mailing thingy has just defaulted back to factory settings, and I can't work out how to retrieve any of my contacts. Back to see the phone lady at work on Monday.

Sometimes being a grown up is a pain.

Oh, - I also returned my standalone hard drive to the manufacturers this morning as it kept losing its file registry and shutting down. What do you do when your back up stops working?

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  1. Panic. Run around shouting "oh my god, oh my god, we are all going to die"?