Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Real Life (Part 5)

Everything is backing up again. Went out to dinner last night with young Master Trebian who is down from Uni for the week ( we all had a great time once we'd got ourselves moved from the table next to the door), so no painting then.

I thought I'd catch up an hour or so this evening whilst Mrs Trebian was out running her Brownie Pack. Then the daylight bulb in my anglepoise lamp blew out. Unfortunately it's a screw in bulb & I don't have a spare. Young Miss Trebian kindly lent me the one out of her bedside lamp, but it's a reflector bulb. My, that gets hot, so I'd just managed to paint about 10 muskets before I could smell burning and had to turn the lamp off. I could swap all of the various lamps in the house around, but that means undoing all the cabling. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a replacement bulb at the weekend. I won't be able to get out at lunchtime to buy one tomorrow and Friday is Children in Need day, so lunchtime will be compulsory enjoyment

Ah well, the week is half gone and most of the DIY is finished so maybe I'll get an hour or two at the toys this Sunday.

Except we have a tree surgeon coming on Friday, so I'll probably spend the weekend clearing up sawdust and stray branches.

Ho hum.


  1. Hi there, just found the blog and enjoying having a read. I like the stuff you have about wargaming and fitting it around 'real life', and speaking as someone who's planning a binge of wargaming this afternoon when his wife goes into town, I understand!


  2. Wotcha! Glad you like the mix of stuff.

    Blog about Friday night's game and stuff is just in preparation.

    Always good to get feed back.