Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hot Streak

It's funny how all of a sudden things come together. The Elephant in the Room game went from deciding to do it to finished product in a couple of weeks. The District 9 game had a lot of thought put into it and simply wouldn't work no matter what I did. Never even managed to playtest it as I couldn't even get a draft game to put in front of some players.

The RCW adaptation of Civil War Battles has suddenly just taken off. Rules and changes just keep coming to me when I'm not even thinking about it. So far I've adapted and amended most of the starting point and I'm only left with the melee and morale rules to look at. Of course if I don't fix them I've still got a working game, - just it's less of my game than it could be.

Of course it isn't all going perfectly. I've redone my order chits twice, including laminating and cutting out and then realised when I was driving today that I still hadn't got them right and they need a simple change. I'll over write some of them with marker pen so they're available for Friday night's playtest. Other markers are taken from other games until I'm sure they're what I need.

I'm also looking at the figure scale. The Russian Civil War lacks a lot of consistency across the various actions and theatres. Battalions varied in size from 250 men to 1200. I'm going for a 50 men per base scale so that gives me unit sizes ranging from 5 to 24 bases. Maybe I'll just stick to the small stuff.

I'm not looking to include Armoured Trains yet (although I have a very nice Peter Pig model) as the scale doesn't warrant it. I'm also not bothering with tanks. Armoured Cars, tho, gotta have them.

Must go off now and write "Niet" on the backs of forty 20mm square markers.

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