Friday, 2 July 2010

Battle of Northampton revisited

The curtain raiser to CoW is an informal meeting at a historical site en route to Knuston. Last year was Gibraltar Barn (look it up) this year for the 550th anniversary of the Battle of Northampton we went to...Northampton.

Guided by Mike Elliott of the Battlefield Trust we sort of rambled in a few minutes late from all over the place, including a local pub (excellent value 2 meals for a Fiver each) and addressed ourselves to the problem of where the battlefield is and how easy is it to make a field devoid of any features interesting.

Luckily with a select band of WD's finest you don't really need much to look at as we can speculate about anything with little of no evidence. This walk didn't really alter my earlier views on the site of the battle, but I hadn't looked at the site from the Eleanor Cross before and that reinforces the view that half of it is under 18th century landscaping and the golf course.

Ultimately we'll never know until they geophys the site and maybe not even then.

From there it's a short drive to Knuston to meet more old friends. And even the rain has kept off.

(No competition here but Bob Cordery - I posted first!!!!)


  1. Trebain,

    Is this a case of premature ebloguation?

    Is there a treatment available?

    I hope so!

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    PS. I read all your COW blog entries with great interest; I shall be writing mine as soon as possible (possibly even today!).

  2. It's never too early to blog!

    Blog fast die....eventually...

    I've still got more to do, -I'm only up to Saturday evening.