Saturday, 2 October 2010

Derby Update

On site by 9:00 and set up by 10:00am. Quick tour of the trade stands and find a couple of SCW Ospreys (including THE book for £15 at Caliver Books)

It's now 12:25 and I've run The Elephant in the Room about 4 times, - and we've had two elephant wins. Which is a big surprise to say the least. Oh, look, there's a picture courtesy of President Steele, showing my bald head to particular effect. This games was a father/son combo, - the son on the end would rather play Nintendo DS, so they were at a bit of a disadvantage.

President Steele is also doing a good turnover with "Greyhounds in the Slips", whhich is also giving him an opportunity to do his best Olivier by declaiming from his copy of Henry V.

Well, it takes all types.

Since we got here we seem to have lost Will who has gone to play Armati. No nbews on his successes or otherwise so far.

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