Saturday, 23 October 2010

How I wasted my Saturday

I bought a new laptop last weekend. It arrived on Tuesday, together with Office 2010 & a new external hard drive on Tuesday.

I copied my old laptop data over to the new external drive on Wednesday. it took less than 24 hours, which was a a surprise. That put me in pole position to set up the new laptop this weekend. Got up early (well early for me for a weekend) so I had a good four hours to set it up, install my graphics programmes, copy files back, set up e-mail etc etc.

So here I am at 5:30pm and I'm just installed my second graphics package and I've just put in the Office 2010 DVD (BTW typing this on "old faithful", my daughters old laptop I had repaired three years ago).

Nearly 10 hours this has taken me. Most of the morning got wasted with the patent Samsung Recovery Software which partitioned my hard drive whlst my back was turned, then kept telling me the partition wasn't big enough. Eventually I've had to uninstall this lovely piece of software and relying upon any recovery being done in the boot up screen.

Once I got over that hurdle it was time to go on line and down load virus checker etc. That went okay but then the Microsoft updates started. I mean this is Windows 7, the most up to date OS Microsoft have.

127 updates had to be installed, causing multiple reboots. I nearly sent the bl**dy thing back.

(Okay I can hear you Macboys laughing. Give it a rest).

And then I had to take out Macafee which was making it slow to a crawl as it argued over checking rights with Avast.

So, another hour on and I've got Office 2010 installed.

I think I'll save iTunes until Sunday.


  1. Even as a MacGirl I do sympathise. Such a waste of time and effort, which only proves that computers are not yet "white goods", not even Mac's; though iPads etc come close.

  2. My latest nightmare today is I can't find my music and I can't work out of you can synchronise back from an iPod to iTunes.

    Still, being positive drew a couple of Covenanter flags today and it handled the multiple layered images like a dream.

    (BTW seen iPads. What's the point? I'll stick with my Netbook)

  3. I sympathise with your problems.

    My wife's computer 'died' last week, and I had to buy a new one. I had it assembled and connected to the Internet in less than 20 minutes. Copying the contents of her old hard drive over took me another 45 minutes using a bit of kit from Maplins that turns a removed hard drive into a portable one that can be connected to your new computer via a USB.

    Then the problems started. MS Office 2010 installed without a problem, as did MS Live ... but migrating her address book and Favourites over took as long as it did to copy the hard drive.

    I then installed AVG anti-virus software ... which took about an hour if you include all the updates. Then Windows 7 wanted to install the upgrades ... and that took hours. Why do they insist that certain upgrades require a 'restart' before the next upgrades can be installed?

    What should have been a simple job eventually took me several evenings ... and there are still things that need to be done that I have yet to get around to.

    Good luck with your efforts,


  4. I am now up to 138 updates since I started setting the PC up.