CoW 2011 - Saturday Afternoon Photo Report

The afternoon session was when I got to run my game of Send Not To Know. Not a lot to say on it (except I'm pleased with how it went). A strong force of Nationalists made up mostly of the Legion & Moroccans is driving towards Madrid. To hold them up the Republicans have rapidly assembled what ever forces they can (Asaltos, Militia, International Brigades, and the Peninsula Army and deployed them in and around a village on the main road. They are waiting for the arrival of the new Russian T-26s to help them out.

Let the photos tell the story.

General view of the table. Republicans to the left, Nationalists to the right (naturally)

One of the Nationalist Colonels assembles his flanking for of Legion and Moroccans around the windmill, which is also the site of their artillery support.

The central village. Held by Internationalists, with Peninsula Army in reserve.

A Nationalist tactical conference.

The Nationalists swarm down from their vantage point. The artillery has kindly drwan all of the artillery fire.

The IBs in the village take an artillery barrage.

Moroccans halted by a few shells from the Republican armour.

The Legion has drawn up on the Republican's right flank, but the brave Anarchist militia are lining the hedge/sunken road waiting for them. Note the T-26 lurking in the background

I see I didn't take as many pictures as I should. Shortly after this point the Anarchists and the tank close assaulted the Legion and routed them utterly. alas events elsewhere meant that the game was up for the Republicans whose army started to stream away to the rear.

All six players professed their enjoyment, for which I am grateful, and I did get a few ideas from them as well. We got a few passing visitors checking up on what we were doing, but I'm not really a fan of this room at Knuston. It is large, and soulless and away from the main building. It is idea for grand gesture games - such as the Fletecher Pratt Naval Game which needs and uses the space - but I find it a bit impersonal for table top wargames. On the plus side it is next to the car park, so not very far to take your books of toys & terrain!


  1. Great photos of what looks like a lot of people having a lot of fun, which is what the hobby is all about after all.

  2. Yup, everybody had a great time.

    Evan those of us who ended up in a Japanese prisoner of war camp!


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