Sunday, 17 July 2011

Writing for CoW

So, nearly a week since the end of CoW. The understanding if you attend CoW is that you will write up your experiences of the various sessions you attend for WD's newsletter "The Nugget". I'm not sure that everybody does, which is a shame, as the idea of WD is that everybody can contribute. Also as someone who tries to put on something each year getting feedback from a knowledgeable audience that you don't play with every week is helpful.

Some, if not all, of my best wargaming memories are from CoW. On the other hand I have played in some half baked stuff as well, but that is only to be expected. Getting the tone right for a report can sometimes be awkward as can be the content. It is easy to describe the game mechanisms in detail, but the session organiser should be doing that. Then you need to avoid the simple "this was the greatest game I ever played" type of report as that doesn't really help the reader or the designer unless you can explain why it was.

I think it is important to try to pick out two or three salient points from the game, either good or bad, and explain why you feel they're important. It's also important to write them whilst it's all still fresh in your mind.

So I'd better stop blogging and go off and write a few reports. This weeks hasn't been the smoothest what with Master T going back up North to prepare for graduation and issues with my parents that involved us having to go and see them to shampoo one of their carpets. Real Life can get in the way of what's important, can't it.

At least I've managed to unpack my boxes of stuff I took to CoW.


  1. Trebian,

    You have managed to achieve more post-COW than I have so far. I have sketched out my onside and offside reports but have yet to put some meat onto the bones. Likewise, the unpacking has started but has yet to be finished.

    All the best,


  2. Bob,

    I'm doing quite well this year. Due to the famous Northamptonshire monsoon season I didn't go to the Festival of History at Kelmarsh Hall this weekend so I had some "hobby time" free and I've got all of my reports pretty much done, except the one on my own game.

    Oh, and the explanation of the rules that apply when rolling dice in Northamptonshire.