Thursday, 18 August 2011

Filthy Lucre

You may have noticed I’ve now got ads. Sorry. It’s an experiment to see how it works after I got prompted through my dashboard. If they get too intrusive then they’ll be got rid of.

I’m afraid this is the inevitable consequence (for me) of finally looking at the stats for this blog. If you don’t write one of these you won’t know, but blogger has a page that shows you a breakdown of access to your blog, - how many hits & when, plus what blogs get hit the most and where the hits come from.

I get most of my hits from the UK and the USA, although I had a regular in Iran for a while, and quite a few Russians.

In terms of getting hits on blogs my experience would suggest that mentioning Edward Woodward and Battleground is a sure fire way of generating wargaming hits. Although I wrote that particular blog in November 2009 it still regularly generates the most hits each week. Along with a short piece that I wrote that mentioned wargaming and Christmas shopping in the same blog. Oh, and any piece that references or quotes the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

So, feel free to click on the adverts, because I'm not allowed to. If they offend you, let me know through the comments. Be aware that every penny they generate for me will be ploughed back into the hobby.

Although I have to say it has amused me what links I got first. There’s clearly a clever algorithm that works out what to give your site, based upon what you right about (so why Tim Gow gets Voyages Jules Verne holidays on his blog is a mystery. I’ve actually used them several times, and I don’t get the link) but in my case because I write quite a bit about what I don’t like I ended up with links to Battlegames magazine, 28mm figure manufacturers and a site promoting Swindon.

PS this is quite a brief piece as I’ve been a bit out of it this week. Went in for the kidney stone treatment by ultrasound. For those of you familiar with the works of Hawkwind you’ll know the symptoms of being subject to a Sonic Attack are:

You will notice a vibration in your diaphragm.
You will hear a distant hissing in your ears.
You will feel dizzy.
You will feel the need to vomit.
There will be bleeding from orifices.
There will be an ache in the pelvic region.
You may be subject to fits of hysterical shouting, or even laughter.

Well, I can tell you that 3 or 4 of those are actually true, but mostly you feel like you’ve been repeatedly flicked by a ruler then kicked severely in the side from behind. Bit like being at school really.

And they only do one stone at a time, so I’ve got to go back.

And I think the dizziness is caused by the pain relief, not the sonic attack*.

*Technically it’s called “Lithotripsy”, but Sonic Attack sounds better.


  1. You could always self-medicate simply by playing Hawkwind really loud.

  2. Well, they let you have music if you have an MRI scan but not for this apparently, but otherwise a good plan.