Sunday, 21 August 2011

SCW Eye Candy

It is now nearly a year since I received my first batch of Peter Pig Spanish Civil War figures. These were three of the boxed armies - Falangists, Peninsula Army and International Brigades. I started painting them in mid-November last year, having picked up a few supporting armour vehicles and artillery at Derby in the preceding October. Since the I have augmented their number with packs of Moroccans, more guns and quite a few more regulars. And I've pretty much finished them all, except for a few odd figures that aren't enough to make up bases and some command figures I'm not sure what to do with yet.

The forces (all Peter Pig unless otherwise indicated) currently consist of:

4 Battalions of IBs
2 Battalions of Asaltos
4 Battalions of Workers Militia
4 Battalions of Popular Army
1 Battalion Falangists
4 Battalions Nationalist Regular Army
3 Banderas of Legionnaires
6 Tabors of Moroccan Regulares

8 Panzer 1s, inc 2 command vehicles (Skytrex)
1 Lancia armoured car (QRF)
2 BT-5s (Zvezda plastic models)
7 T-26s +1 being converted to command vehicle
5 Renault FT-17
2 FA-1 Armoured cars (QRF)

3 French "Soixante Quinze"
1 37mm Anti-tank gun with pneumatic tyres
3 37mm Anti-tank gun with spoked wheels (Irregular RUG)
3 45mm Anti-tank gun with spoked wheels (Irregular RUG)
6 77mm Krupp field (Irregular RUG)
3 120mm Schneider howitzers (Irregular RUG)

I'd still like to add some Carlist infantry, and some heavier artillery for both sides, but for now  that's it. Here are a few gratuitous pictures of the completed articles.

Three Pz 1As & command vehicle, crewed by Condor Legion. In German field grey with brown overbrush. Buildings by Hovels

120mm Schneider Howitzers with PP Nationalist crews. Walls by Javis.

Popular Army battalion

SFL Bandera & Moroccan Tabor

Popular Army bn in Adrian helmets with 75s & Renaults. Very French

Popular Army close up with casualty marker

Soixante Quinze

IBs in olive grove. Trees from Pet Shop (aquarium matting)


Anarchist militia. Bridge by Peter Pig, stream sections homemade

77mm Krupp, 45mm Atk, & 37mm Atk by RUG with Observer group.

FA-1 Armoured cars, BT-5s and T-26s.Wayside shrine from Hovels. Roads homemade

Falangist militia

Nationalist Regular Army

Pz1s in Spanish camouflage with Lancia Armoured car


  1. Nice looking figures , have a soft spot for Peter Pig

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I love Mr Pig's figures, - they're well made, with good proportions and nice poses. Every so often he throws in a really duff pose but 99% of the time they're spot on.

    I use the RUG guns because they make stuff others don't and they're also only £1.50 each mostly.

  3. The SCW a war between the despicable Fascists and the despisable Republicans. I just love it because it means that there are no side that one would favour over the other.

  4. "The People's Flag is deeepest red..." actually, you should read Orwell, and some of the other literature of the period to get a sense of what a crusade this was for the politics of the time. The IB were essentially the same people who stopped Moseley at Cable Street and who believed in changing things. You also have to realise quite how overtly dominant the 'nobles' were at the time in Britain.

  5. Yes, Orwell is good. Hopefully if you've had the chance to read the other SCW blogs you'll see there's a lot of reading recommendations. And you're right the upper clases between the wars were, well "upper" and in charge. See Peter Kemp's rather confused approach to defending fascism in "The Thorns of Memory"