Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Can you tell what it is yet?

So, here's the first visual clue as to the new army. I've just finished these little fellows.

As you can see they're moors/numidians. Not much of a clue as they are pretty ubiquitous in the ancient period.

So, a second clue. The army is post 0AD.

The second batch of troops is cleaned up and sitting on the desk waiting for the glue to set. It's another (different) batch of cavalry. So far the Donnington figures are shaping up okay, but there's a lot more flash than the Peter Pig figures I'm used to, especially on the horses.

You may also note that I've changed my painting and basing style for this army. Theses figures are black undercoat with white drybrush and only minimalist magic dip varnish. The figures are then finished with a clear quick drying varnish. I'm not sure this is the final technique and the next figures may have a white undercoat with some black infill.

The bases are 2mm mdf done in my normal green then painted with PVA and flock aplied (Javis Scatter No 19 "rough pasture"). A bit of a retro style but a bit easier to work with than the normal pollyfilla approach.


  1. I should have said - it's an Armati army (that can be stripped down for DBA) so some of the WRG army definitions don't work for me.

    Anyway - Blemye is a good guess but wrong. Besides, who suddenly stumbles across the Blemye as part of their undergraduate studies and decides "I must have that army"

    Carthaginian doesn't really fit the post 0 AD period clue. You may not be aware that I already have a Carthaginian army in 20mm plastic which is a thing of beauty in it's own right. The "Trebian" tag comes from my repeated refights of that particular battle.

  2. Ah?? I missed the AD bit!!
    What about a Christian Nubian army 500ish AD?

  3. I went with that as a nod to your well known love of the obscure.....) It could be pre-Islamic Beber.

  4. No and no.

    How many guesses should I allow you both? I mean you could eventually list all the armies in the army lists and hope I say yes at some point.

    I've undercoated the next batch and hope to get them up in the next few days.

  5. I'm guessing some kind of Imperial Roman army as the Romans had Numidians serving for centuries after the Punic Wars...

  6. Oooh...interesting thought....

  7. Of course the SI and LC could be a complete spoiler: the army might otherwise be entirely made up of something else.

    There's an enterestingly named AD North African army that has a few of these on the fringes.

    I wonder ...

    They would be a great choice even if it isn't what you're doing.


  8. Ah yes. The first painted figures might not be typical of the army....

    Of course they're not typical. Well not completely.