Thursday, 27 October 2011

Count your blessings

That last post was a bit of a moan, really. On balance whilst everything in it is true I probably shouldn’t complain about my lot. I may be spending more time chasing round after my parents than I’d ideally like, but at least I’ve still got both of them so unlike a wargaming friend who was going through the same decision making process I haven’t had to deal with a bereavement part way through the process.

And what’s more Miss T has sorted out her flat rental so we’ll all be off helping her move in over the weekend. Whilst we’ll miss her (she plays a very aggressive and devious game of “Ankh-Morpork” and introduced us to the wonderful “Big Bang Theory” amongst other things) it’s a very proud moment for any parent when their children finally strike out on their own in their first job & first grown up accommodation.

So, really I mustn’t grumble. Sure there’s lots I want to do, but if I finish it all I’ll only just come up with a load more to do as well, and the only person holding me to a timetable is me, so there’s no reason to stress myself out over it all.

You just have to sort what you do out to fit in with the time available. At the moment I don’t have the time to write new rules or put together clever scenarios. All this means for the moment is that we’ll just have to play DBA or similar on Thursday evening until the current issues are resolved.

That does mean that the painting schedule has slipped, and I regret to say that one of the local group may be getting close to guessing what it is. Still, I’ll keep posting the clues as I paint them and block him from commenting on the blog (only joking!)

Anyway, as I said above, Count Your Blessings.

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