Sunday, 23 October 2011

Off Topic

This isn't a wargaming blog, but stick with it if you want to improve your street cred.

As some of you may know Master T is a music journalist. He sometimes gives me stuff and tells me I'll probably like it. Sometimes he really gets it right. One of his best tips ever was a band called Tellison, - an indie 5 piece guitar band that writes catchy tunes with clever lyrics. 5 young people who are good at what they do and love it too. There's none of that "X factor" rubbish, - these guys should be really big if there was any justice in the world.

I downloaded the latest album "The Wages of Fear" when it was released and have played it to death in the car. This Thursday Tellison played in a local venue, so I convinced a number of people at work to join me for the evening to see if they cut it live.

The venue was the Underground bar in the Roadmender Centre in Northampton. It has a ceiling barely 8 foot high and packed tight it'd be bad news if 250 people turned up. I haven't been in such a venue since I was a student 30 years ago.

I loved it. The beer was rubbish, it was too hot. I was the oldest guy in the room by a long shot, and I didn't care. The band were terrific, playing tunes they wrote themselves on instruments they play themselves. They deserve to be big, - download the album and help them out.

So check them out. I particularly enjoyed the video for Say Silence (Heaven & Earth) which you can see on You Tube, which features the guys apparently blowing up Dungeness Power Station, but the one for Edith on the website is fun too.

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