Monday, 17 October 2011

Paint from the Past

Just painting some more cavalry like the last batch, and I decided one of them looked a bit regal so I did his saddle cloth in purple.

Which isn't anything remarkable except as I was putting the lid back on the pot I realised this must be the oldest pot of paint I've got.

And it's not just a little old. It is really old.

It's a pot of Matt 5042 Violet Purple. I think I bought it from a shop called Joto in Rugby, which is just across the road from the School (you know the Webb-Ellis-Tom-Brown-Harry-Flashman-A-Bit-of Buggery-Never-Did-Me-Any-Harm school). If I did that means it was probably bought around about 1982 or even earlier.

Strangely enough there's no history of Humbrol acrylic paint pots posted on the internet anywhere, so I can't date it that accurately. I know it was bought to paint some fantasy stuff, and I haven't really done that much since leaving University. It is still half full. There isn't much call for purple on historical figures.

The miracle is that even if I'm a bit out on the timings it's well over 10 years old. Why does it keep going on when other pots seem to dry out overnight?

Answers on a postcard, as ever. Plus any info on the history of humbrol paint pots gratefully received.


  1. I have several pots of Humbrol acrylics of similar vintage - they do seem to last rather well!

  2. Makes you wish you'd bought more of them, doesn't it!

  3. Very good - must admit, I've got a few old Humbrol pots from '96 (still going strong) which were stored away for 12 years forgotten, after I gave up the hobby before returning in '09...phew!

  4. The Humbrol plastic pots do seem to last come to think of it. I've got a few still in use going back decades. Not sure I can match 1982 though.

  5. You can see why they changed the way they sold them. I mean if pots last this long they'd hardly sell any.