Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Can you tell what it is yet? (3)

The next troops up for consideration aren’t that difficult to paint. They’re mostly armoured so it’s a case of undercoating in black and dry-brushing in silver. I used to do my 25mm fully barded cavalry by using a black wash then polishing off the excess, which was very quick and very effective.

However they seem to have taken a long time to get to the finished state. Well their start was delayed as I decided to remount the riders with a Milliput saddlecloth each as the horse are very skinny and bending the riders’ legs to make them fit made the riders look really odd. The Milliput has been a mixed success, - some of them have worked out really well, others have set with a gap under the saddle – which is annoying.

In the interim the family Trebian has been fully occupied with one thing and another. My father has moved into a care home for a trial period, which has required a lot of too-ing and fro-ing between here and the home and the family home where my mother still lives. How long this arrangement will hold out is anyone’s guess, but I suppose it has gone as stress free as it could have done although there’s still a pile of paperwork to sort out. Then this last weekend we’ve been away moving Miss T into her first flat down where she is about to start her first permanent teaching job. So, lots of carrying boxes up and down stairs and assembling flat pack furniture and so on. Then there’s all the on-line forms to do: -  insurance & BT & electricity & TV licence. So, busy but satisfying. We were rushing about so much didn’t even notice that apparently we got an extra hour in bed because of the clocks going back.

Any how one of the local boys reckon these troops will let the “cat” out of the bag as to what the army is, so I’m posting pictures but no description. There is some dispute as to whether the army actually had these as the sources don’t describe the full range of equipment precisely but I reckon they did as they represent best practice at the time and make tactical sense within the army’s overall make up.

This evening I’ll undercoat some more figures in my quest to produce, at least, a DBA army out of the bits I’ve got. I suspect that the next batch will give it way if these figures haven’t done so already.

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