Monday, 7 November 2011

Can you tell what it is yet? (4)

The development of the army gathers pace. I succeeded in painting some more light troops over the weekend so the DBA version of the army is looking in good shape. When I complete the couple of cavalry bases on the desk then I'll have done the requisite 12 elements, if I allow myself two bases of Gothic cavalry.

 Oh. And I need to two a couple of bases of Spears. So actually not close to finishing at all, really. Any how, here's the latest additions. Call them Psiloi or Skirmish Infantry (SI) or whatever you want depending on your favourite rule set, but they're light troops armed with dual purpose throwing and stabbing javelins.

The books describe these as Isaurians. Again these are Donnington miniatures and they've painted up okay. It's the first time that I've had to do lots of shading for ages to get the effect I want, but I think on this occasion it is giving me brighter colours than using the magic dip method.

So far then we're got:

  • Moorish light horse
  • Moorish javelin foot
  • Gothic cavalry
  • Cataphracts
  • Isaurian light foot

Any more guesses? The last posting got precisely zero guesses, so I suspect that readers have lost interest in this game.


  1. I'm very interested just out of guesses! I should tell you I've never payed DBA or DBM,
    the last thing I did with WRG was 6th edition!
    I've moved on to other rules.

  2. If I had even the least idea I'd have a guess, but there are no wheels, tracks or wings to help me!

  3. Don, - I've never played DBM, either, but DBA is a lot of fun, and as it's short it isn't an evening wasted if it doesn't go well.

    Tim, - I know you're just being modest. I've seen you lead cavalry in to action and command various types of classical troops.

    Actually, if I didn't know the answer I wouldn't be able to guess either.


  4. I still say it looks like a Belisarian Byzantine concoction.

  5. No false modesty here - I really dont have a clue!

  6. Yup - the Brigadier has it right. It is a Belisarian army.

    The next figures to come up will be armoured horse archers, followed by Auxilia Palatina.

    The bonus points go to anyone who knows which theatre it is intended for.

  7. Could it be heading west to duff up the Vandals around Carthage?

  8. West is always good if you're a Romano-Byzantine.