Saturday, 25 February 2012

At last, something to do with wargaming

The advice from some people has been to give myself permission to relax and take some time out. Easier said than done, but probably good advice.

I never thought I'd suffer from "painter's block" but I've struggled to pick up a brush with any heart at all. However, I've forced myself to get back to it, so here's a photo of the results.

Okay, so this isn't usual Trebian territory. He's 28mm tall, he's a bit muscled and there's no Ronseal varnish in sight. Although I can't do that GW paint style, I'm really pleased with the outcome. The modern 28mm painting style follows strict convention, - a bit like always painting the sky and rivers blue. That doesn't mean they look realistic!

Any how, this is Xyston's Ramesses II personality figure. He's actually quite nicely proportioned and not massively muscled or grotesque. I understand he was designed by Dave of Hasselfree Miniatures, - if so, nice work Dave.

So he's all ready now to take part in the next run through of "Call it Qids", and he'll be making an appearance or two on the shows circuit this year (although I confess the design is unlikely to be creditted as unlike the Baccus stuff and the Warbases I'm using I had to pay for this fellow with my own money.


  1. Good work Trebian, I know how you feel about the occasional 'painter's block'; I find completely changing tact helps greatly. When I can't be bothered painting stuff I turn to terrain building...or playing Xbox :D

  2. Never happened before, so it made me really annoyed.

    Pleased with the results. Must look to finish the game board now.

  3. I have suffered from 'painters block' on more than one occasion. Once it lasted 6 months.

    The solution which works best for me is to have several different scales or sizes of figures waiting to be painted including some which are very simple and easy to paint. When I get stuck at one point I can often switch to a different figure and make some progress.

    I also always have yet another research book waiting to be browsed or a ruleset to be studied. Give one bit of your brain a rest and use another.

    I usually keep some modelling in the pipeline and yes there's alway a computer game which distracts the brain from whatever is causing the block.

    Remember, never give up, just do something different.


  4. Damn nice work. One of the joys of this ridiculous hobby it it's variety - when you get tired of one project there are always others!

  5. One of the joys is also oneits nightmares, - you quite often have too many projects on the go to enable you to finish anything satisfactorily!