Friday, 10 February 2012

The Final Push

I think we're in the final push to finish "Call it Qids", the Society of Ancients incentive game for this year.

Ian has delivered the final version of the historical background and also the gameboard. He has excelled himself with some of the graphics, and it all looks great on the screen. We've argued over exactly what goes where and over victory conditions, but I think we have a really good outcome. All I have to do is cram the text into 16 black and white pages.

I've managed to get most of it in, and by dropping the font size to 10pt I've kept it readable and created enough space for some examples of game play to make everything clear. We've also found space for some nice big maps. There's some work to do on the counter sheet (Ian's changed the logo on me at the last minute), and he's just sent me a new map to put in, - although admittedly I did ask for that!

Now it's all the checking. Ensuring place names are consistent. Ensuring there's no terrible typos. Making sure no paragraph has got lost in all of the changes. Making sure pictures aren't overlaying text - or vice versa. Making sure all of the text makes sense.

So that's what I'm doing on a Friday evening in February. Sitting in my study, hunched over a keyboard. Mrs T occasionally pops her head round the door and asks me how its going and wonders out loud why I have to do this again this year. There isn't an answer really.

But I really need to get this finished. We're way for the weekend visiting Miss T in her new flat, and then in March we're off on holiday so time is running out. And no doubt next weekend we'll be visiting one of my parents if not both.

Then, hopefully, ex-President Steele will turn up on Monday evening with a bag load of goodies from Hammerhead so I can start to put the finishing touches to the display version board and start to base up the figures. Deadline on that's not too bad. I'm hoping/expecting to get this done in time for Campaign in Milton Keynes (12th -13th May) which should coincide with the game getting out to the membership.

Any how, just thought any of you SoA types out there might like an update.


  1. I must say "thank you" again for your perseverance with this game. I'm looking forward to trying it i=once it crosses the pond.


  2. Thanks for your support. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

    Shame you won't have a chance to play the show version.

  3. Making it to the SOA's yearly meet is on my "list" of things to do now that I'm retired. Someday....

  4. The Ex-Pres. delivery should arrive tonight :O)

    I have indeed some nice looking goodies donated by the nice people at Warbases ( which should help finish the job.


  5. Phil,

    That's excellent news.It's good to get support from thr industry, and he does seem to be am imaginative supplier.