Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Real Life Reality Check

I got made redundant at 8:30am, on 20th February 2012*.

I can't find a way to make this interesting, or amusing.

I am grateful for the messages of support from my soon-to-be-ex colleagues. I've been very lucky with the people who worked for me.

Actually, there's not a lot of luck there as I chose a lot of them and the others were chosen by people I've trained, coached & mentored. They're a very good team and will do me proud in the future.

Off to get more Linked-in.

*28 years, 9 months service, seeing as you asked.


  1. Sad to hear that. I was made redundant in January this year and I've only now got a couple of 'irons in the fire'. But I'm assured that everything is starting to pick up so hopefully you'll pick up something soon. I wish you all the very best and - as a mate of mone said - keep painting and modelling (and blogging) as it will give you something constructive to do while you go through this hard time.

    Best of luck, fella!


  2. I am very sorry to hear your news. Having undergone a similar experience some years ago I know just how devastating it can be ... and how demoralised you must feel.

    If you want any advice, contact me directly by email. You know that you have a lot of friends out there who will try to give you support and advice over the coming weeks and months. Don't hesitate to call upon that if and when you need to.

  3. Well that is a bugger. Hope you find gainfukll employment soon.

  4. After almost 29 years you must be within striking distance of not having to work again?????? Could you make do with a part time job??? I am making the assumption of course that you'd prefer not to work, than work...!

  5. Always enjoy your posts. Hope you can keep up the painting and wargaming although you obviously now have different priorities.

    Good luck with the job-hunting.


  6. Sorry to hear that. As Bob says, you have quite a support network, so make sure you make use of it (us!). Feel free to ring me if for a chat (personal or professional).

  7. Real life can abolutely suck some times

    I am more than happy to add you to my linledin contacts if you want

  8. Sad news - always a shock. Last time around someone had the nerve to say "it isn't personal you know". Well, it felt personal - removing my employment - I didn't see how it could be any more personal. However - in retrospect and with the perspective of time - certainly the best thing that happened to me. I'm glad I didn't jump at the first similar role and instead waited for the right one. My very best wishes to you. Ken

  9. That's terrible news. I hope things improve soon.

  10. They suck. Shocked, though not as shocked as you are probably feeling right now.

  11. To all of you: Thankyou for your kind words and encouragement. I normaly reply to each comment individually, but this time I've just not been able to.

    This has been one of the most popular posts I've ever written, based on the hits over the last day or so. I really must get made redundant more often.

  12. Sorry to hear this news. It must be very disheartening after so many years service, but then we are our employers' cannon-fodder, to be discarded whenever convenient - as Frederick II of Prussia put it: 'Soldiers are like lemons; one sucks the juice from them, then throws them away...'
    I hope they have had to give you a suitably large redundancy payment!

    I suspect, like me, you don't 'live for your work', so believe you will survive this difficult time better than many. After quitting full-time teaching due to stress, I now work part-time and volunteer in a charity shop: I don't earn nearly as much, but I feel much better and - luckily - am old enough to draw my teacher's pension in two years' time.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do,

  13. I'm also wondering if I can bridge to early retirement!

  14. Sorry to hear your bad news; I've been made redundant twice once after 22 years service, then again at my next comapany after 8 years, I managed to find another job after that.

    best wishes and good luck for the future

    -- Allan

  15. Sorry to hear your news Trebian, I too, was informed that I and my peers are all to be made redundant next year to save the taxpayer money. All of us have at least over 22 years' service, but luckily we have a little notice. Best wishes to you.

  16. Sorry to hear your news, has happened to me a couple of times in my carrier so fare. Just stay focused and don't let the b******s get you down.

    All the best