Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bumping along the bottom

Just got my mother home after being discharged. It took two attempts, - the first last night when we waited for blood test results that never came, the second this morning when, in a pretty much brand new hospital built out of town, there was no parking.

Anyway she is home, vowing never to go back into "that place" ever again. All I can say is if you can't be bothered to care, don't work in a caring profession. That should be written on the nurses' station in every hospital.


  1. In my former career we had a saying, ''death by national health service'',and now as I reach my twilight,I dread the prospect of being 'nursed' by my not so local hospital.
    Keep you chin up.

  2. Some of the people are lovely, but it only takes one insensitive nurse to make your life miserable.

    On the other hand the staff nursing my brother have been exemplary, - but then he's got proper injuries and isn't an old person in the way.

  3. Trebian,

    I wish that I could say that your experience is unique ... but it isn't ... and it does seem as if things are getting worse. I can quite understand why your mother thinks the way that she does. Care for the older section of the population can be dire in some hospitals (which only seem interested in getting people in and out as quickly as possible) and not much better in a lot a care homes. The one my father is in seems like being at the better end of the spectrum ... but you would expect that it would be quite good as it is costing nearly £800 pounds per week. (I can go on a cruise for less than that!).

    Keep you chin up and try to keep positive.

    All the best,


  4. Good to hear your mother's home and I hope your brother makes a speedy recovery. If that hospital had had a car park it would have cost an arm and a leg to use it. My experience of hospital car parks is that the charges cause enough nausea to warrant a visit to A&E.

  5. It does have a carpark. It's just not big enough. They cancelled afternoon visiting because, I guess, there isn't enough room for people to park for appointments and also to visit at the same time.

    The parking charges are ludicrous. Last night we waited two hours for my mother to be discharged and then went home without her, effectively paying for two hours parking for nothing.

    Rumour has it that the carpark fees don't even go towards patient care. They go to the (French) PFI company that built the hospital.