Sunday, 1 April 2012

Git of the Year

Apologies for posting another non-wargaming blog.

Went to check up on my mother yesterday, and took her out to her favourite pub for lunch. The pub has 3 disabled spaces near the entrance (my mother has a blue badge as she doesn't walk all that well). When we got there one of the spaces had a car in it, and the remaining two had a Range Rover parked across both of them.

I pulled up close to squeeze on to the end of the row whilst my mother went in. I then noticed that the Range Rover wasn't displaying a disabled badge, so I went in to tell the staff. As I'm doing so a bronzed, medallion wearing bloke informs me it's his car in a "So What?" type way. After a request from me a glare from the barman he reluctantly consents to move it. When we get out his main concern is that I don't scratch his car when moving mine, and followed it up by closing my car door on my leg as I'm getting in.

When we've finally moved everything round his parting shot is "Is there a problem with your car or just the driver?" the logic of which slightly escapes me.

What a git.


  1. What a complete fudge-nugget! I hate people like that. We have them at our local supermarkets - Asda seems to be the worst. People rolling up into the disabled spaces and leaping out, bringing the question "How are you actually disabled?". Invariably they have the badge of an elderly relative (who is never in the car) on the dashboard. Surely these should have photo-ID so the miscreants can be clamped.

    We also have it with idiots who park in the Mother and Child spaces. I had a go at a middle-aged couple who'd parked in one of these at Tescos. I asked where the child was as there was no child seat in the back. "She's at home" was the reply. "So why are you parking there then?"

    He had no reply...

  2. He hadn't even bothered to nick a badge from a relative. He'd just rolled up and arrogantly decided he should be allowed to park there.

    The fact that he not only didn't have a badge but also took up two spaces made me wonder if it was carelessness or a deliberate wind up.

  3. Saw some twerp on TV last week complaining that there aren’t enough disabled spaces available. His disability is Asperger’s syndrome. I find tbat generally there are not enough non-disabled, non mum’n’kid spaces fo4 the rest of us.

    1. Lack of parking generally is a problem, but I stand by the view that parking in a disabled space when you are able bodied and don't have a blue badge does make you a git. As for the asperger's man, - well I found it tough to get a blue badge for my parents when they had to use wheel chairs, so I have no idea how he got one.

      On the other hand, it's always satisfying to find that something I wrote 7 years ago is still being read. And it does bring back an otherwise happy memory of my mother who is alas no longer with us, as the meal was jolly good.