Sunday, 13 May 2012

Campaign 2012 Update (4)

At last, - two punters turn up and play each other, rather than one of us. They're a father and (grown up) son pairing.

We also see the heaviest Egyptian Victory ever, being a 7-0 win and the entire Hittite frirst wave of chariots destroyed. And the scoring system only goes up to 6, and there's not outcome in the victory table allowing for either side to score Zero.

The Temple tribute walls tell a sorry tale. The Hittite cupboard in the background is empty, whilst the Egyptain's overflows
Ramesses captures Qids/Kadesh. A rare sight indeed
This game made it 2 - 2 on the day, although one Hittite win should be disregarded as it was obtained by one of the show team playing an old "friend" and proceeding to skewer him with every trick in the book.

I've also had a chance to look at some other games. Here's some pictures of "Crooked Dice"'s "Cult TV" wargame. The figures are completely imaginary and have nothing to do with any TV series you might have seen.

A Gyrocopter lands at the secret base.

The secret lair's control room

A typical henchman in blue boilersuit

A leader in White (possible a Colonel) leads his men

And a historical WW1 game.....


  1. Those trenches look awesome

  2. They are quite impressive. They're built into the terrain boards and are made so you can swap them around.

    If I was to be picky I'd say a couple of things. Firstly they were too narrow to put the figures in, (especially the communication trenches) so the figures sit besides or behind them. Secondly there's not really enough physical depth betwen the rows of trenches cmpared to the width of no-man's land.

    I didn't have much chance to talk to the people running the game as they were mostly talking to each other.

    Although to be fair one of them moved his coffee cup out of the way so it didn't impede on the picture.