Saturday, 12 May 2012

Campaign 2012 Update (2)

3pm, and I've just finished playing a Games Workshop gamer who wants to try something new. He is a blank canvas to the likes of us, - he hasn't even heard of DBA.

He takes the Egyptians, and has a really good time.

The fight at the ford. Pre division hunkered down behind the River and I just couldn't get at them!

Hmmmm....what shall I attack now?
Action round the camp, - the Nearin attack
Last turn and Ramesses stands his ground

A win for the Egyptians, makes it 3 - 1 to the Hittites.

PS Following game (no pictures, I'm afraid) makes it 4 - 1 to the Hittites.

Ramasses isn't having a good weekend.

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