Saturday, 12 May 2012

Campaign 2012 Update

Lunchtime: The display games and the trade stands are of a good standard, but seem to be down on a couple of years ago. Having said that Dave Lancaster has relieved me of my allowance on his bookstand, - three on the ECW and Paddy Griffith's last book on WW1, so a good day out for me.

The footfall has been much lower than recently. This is probably partly due to the recession but mainly due to the introduction of more widespread parking charges. This means people have less time to dawdle by the games and stands. Even though we are not using 54mm elephants we're still not getting much passing trade.

The other game we have to day is the 40mm DBA, so here's two pictures of that:

An overview of the board as Will takes on Phil

The armies engage.
In lieu of further punters Will & I reversede roles and had another go.

The Set Up

I cross the stream

The Nearin arrive, but it's too late
A big win for the Hittites, again.

Time for a break
Finally someone turns up to play. Here's a picture of the last turn.

Ramasses down, - 5 ransom points

3 - 0 to the Hittites.

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