Thursday, 24 May 2012

Run wild, run free

A posting on the SoA forum advised me that Call it Qids has been posted out. Well, at least two people have got it and one of them seems to have read the booklet (or maybe just the rules perhaps) as well. I haven't had my posted out copy, so I don't know if the problem associated with the copy Phil gave me from the shows box has translated into a membership wide issue.

The responses on the forum are positive, I think, although little criticisms do hurt, especially when you think they are invalid. Apparently the rules for the Nearin Division are vague. Well I went back and re-read them and I think it's quite clear how they work. You just hope that this judgement doesn't become replicated across the internet as before you know it the whole set of rules will be regared as vague and no one will play it.

So, Society members out there, bate your breath and wait for the package through the letter box.


  1. My copy arrived yesterday. I've not had time to read it yet but it does look very well put together. Well done!

  2. Hope you enjoy it. It's a relief finally to hear it is in members' hands.

    Take the time to play it, - at c30 minutes tops per game it is well withihn your attention span.

    And do mount the counters first, it'll make life easier for you.

  3. Saw a copy this evening (I'm not a SoA member, but when of my fellow club members is). Looks very nice. I'll encourage him to cut it up and bring it along to play one week.

  4. Let us know if you spot the (un)deliberate mistake.

    Then repent of your sins and join the Society