Thursday, 12 July 2012

Conference of Wargamers 2012 - Saturday Evening

So, we move to Friday Evening, and some ADGs (After Dinner Games). Games intended to be more fun than serious.

I'd signed up for Tim Price's "Footfall", a modern RPG where steely eyed, lantern jawed ex-special forces save the world from Eldritch Terror. Sort of like the X-Files, only with more guns.

The problem was that Tim had put up the wrong sign up sheet so he had twice as many people than he needed. No problem, says he, I'll run it twice. So the group divided into two, with me in the first group.

The thing with these one off RPGs is that you never know exactly how well you've done. Perhaps you only won because it was an easy scenario, so this situation was interesting as we'd  be able to compare the performance of the two squads. An added spice was that the people I normally play with were split into two, - so a chance to find out which of us had a clue and which of us were along for the ride.

Now I have no pictures of this, and modesty does not permit me to brag, but at the end of the game all the bad guys were dead, no one in the team died (immediately) and England, - particularly Milton Keynes - continued its quiet slumbers on that unquiet Earth.

After that I went off to look at a few games and find Mr Treefrog, because he's always got some thing new for us to play test.

I was clearly on a roll at this point as I won his "refight-all-of-the ACW-in-45-minutes" game (Lincoln) in three turns as the Confederacy by capturing Washington and destroying the North's main army.

Following that we sat down for a go at his next Discworld game. I can't reveal any further details, but it was a lot of fun and quite calming in a way.

Except part way through one of the team from the first Footfall game turned up in hysterics. he'd decided to spectate on the re-playing of the game and let's just say they weren't doing as well as us. They were in the wrong building, they were being chased by police and were on their way to a complete disaster.

Getting back to Discworld II we finished in agreeable style, and I took home the set to playtest with Mrs T. Thank you Mr Treefrog!!!

And then, as Pepys would have said, so to bed.

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