Tuesday, 3 July 2012

That CoW thing again

Oh no! CoW is next weekend. How did that creep up on me so quickly?

The reasons for being caught by surprise will be fairly obvious to regular readers, - I’ve had a few things on my mind in the last 6 months. Plus I didn’t start work on my “CoW game” until about a month ago, which is close to four to five months later than usual.

So we had the final playtest last night of my latest SCW rules. These are now called “If You Tolerate This”. This identified a number of things that hadn’t been obvious in the last couple of games and also had not emerged in solo play. Luckily this mainly consists of taking out stuff that was simply getting in the way or looked like a good idea at the time. I also learned, once more, that volume of lead on a table doesn’t always mean a better game. So for the CoW session I’m downsizing the forces to a couple of Nationalist columns and a bit more on the Republican side.

With the working hours I’m doing at the moment there isn’t as much time to sort things out, so I’ll need to do the re-type this evening. Luckily I identified no need for any further markers, playing aids or figures to be painted (except for playsheets). Then I need to do the sign up sheets and pack my boxes of figures and terrain.

“Call it Qids” is going as well, and I may as well throw in some late night proprietary games – such as one of the Munchkin stable. Plus I promised Bob C a book in exchange for some SCW literature. And I really must take those Military Modelling back numbers from the 70s & 80s to see if someone wants to give them a more caring home.

Better get on then.


  1. My pre-COW panic began in earnest on Sunday. My games table is covered with stuff to pack. Old Mil Mods? Mmmmmmm.

  2. If only I had the time to cover my table with stuff to pack.

    The Mil Mods will go in the car.