Friday, 31 August 2012

Taiping Era

Since I had half a mind to "do" 19th Century Chinese warfare about a week ago it has rapidly become a whole mind. Of course I gave away the only book I ever owned on the subject in the Summer (it's alright Bob, I don't want it back) but that isn't a problem with my shiny new Ian Heath book on the subject on its way.

Unusually for me I have written most of the rules (well, a pretty good first draft) before I've even decided what figures to buy. let alone buy them or start to paint. My normal approach is to work on the armies whilst I have a really good long think about how I want to do the game. In this case most of the ideas have come out fairly logically as I've sat and typed on the train. The game is currently looking like it will be played on a conventional grid, - no off set squares or hexes this time - and will rely on the EDNA mechanism. I reckon I can play test them with my old 25mm Indian Mutiny figures. The interesting challenge is to produce something that enables me to play native troops v native troops and also native troops v Europeans. Maybe I'll get to push a bit of lead around at the weekend.

The rules at the moment rejoice under the name of "Taiping Error", partly because I gave that book away, partly because it looks funny, and partly because I mis-typed "Era" (yeah, - the train sways a LOT in some places). So, what do you think, - Taiping Error, or Taiping Era?

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