José María Bueno's "El Ejercito Espanol En Parada" - Set 1

As described on Bob Cordery's blog Wargaming Miscellany José María Bueno produced five sets of paper figures showing units of the Nationalist Army in their victory parade at the end of the Spanish Civil War (it's rumoured that there were six sets, but I've only found evidence of 5).

I've managed to track down fairly good reproductions of all 40 of the sheets, and I propose to post them here, set by set. They provide a really good source (an almost incomparable source!) of information on the uniforms of the time, - although be wary. These are all dress uniforms, and some may be misleading.

Bandera de F.E.T. y de las J.O.N.S. (Regiment of FET & JONS militias) 

Caballeria de las Milicias del Requete - Carlist Mil.itia Cavalry

Escolta mora de S.E. el Generalissimo (Franco's Moorish bodyguard)

Infanteria de Marina (Marine infantry)

Infanteria (Regular Army infantry)

Mehal-la Jalifiana

Policia Montada de Sevilla (Seville Mounted Police)

Tiradores de Ifni-Sahara
I'll post Set 2 next, which consists of Spanish Foreign Legion & the Condor Legion.