Thursday, 27 September 2012

José María Bueno's "El Ejercito Espanol En Parada" - Set 2

Set two of Bueno's paper soldiers presented me with a problem as I'm not sure exactly what was in it, so there's some guess work on the scans. This pack does have a lot of the wargamnig glamour troops in it, I'm afraid, as it contains the Tercio and the Condor Legion. This is also one of the sets that Bob Cordery doesn't own.

What is impressive about these figures is that there is no skimping on the detail. Just look at the pictures of the men carrying the machine guns, or the anti-tank units.

Condor Legion

Bandera de la Falange de Marruecos (Regiment of Moroccan Falange)

Artilleria Anti-Carro de la Legion (SFL anti-tank unit)

La Legion (Spanish Foreign Legion infantry)

Escuadron de Lanceros (Lancer Squadron)

Batallon del Requete (Tercios del Sur) - Carlist Batallion, Southern Tercio

Grupo de Regulares de Larache No 4

Tabor de Caballeria de la Mehal-La

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