Sunday, 30 September 2012

José María Bueno's "El Ejercito Espanol En Parada" - Set 4

This set has some rather natty Italian light tanks in it. The uniform colour of the Civil Guards is very light, - but that may be because it's their dress uniforms. My Civil Guards are painted a darker colour, - closer to the regular army units.

The SFL unit carrying the infantry mortar is also of interest.

Bandera de Falange Espanola
Regiment of Falange
Compania de 'Bersaglieri' Motorizados
Bersaglieri motorbike teams
Compania de Carros Ligeros del C.T.V.
CTV Light Tanks
Note middle row Command Vehicle with radio antenna, and flamethrower vehicle on the bottom row.
Guardia Civil de Caballeria
Mounted Civil Guards
Guardia Civil de Infanteria
Civil Guards
Regular Army Infantry
Mehal-la Jalifiana Infanteria
Mehal-la Jalifiana Infantry
X Bandera de la Legion
10th Bandera of the Spanish Foreign Legion

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