Sunday, 9 September 2012

SCW Update

I was going to write more this weekend, but a mega-PC failure (Blue Screen Of Death) has wasted most of it.

Anyway, here's some photos of my latest completed work:

Peter Pig's new Carlists, - firing & LMG figures
Carlist HMGs, - Nationalists with head swaps

Command groups, - two different types of Officer

The LMG poses. I drilled out the metal under the barrel to make it look more realistic

More firing Carlists

Height comparison between new Carlist figures and original Civil Guards
That's enough for now. Off to finish re-installing my software and trying to find my e-mail addresses. Anyone who has my e-mail could help out by sending me a brief e-mail so I can add you quickly to my address book.


  1. Would love to get a painting guide from you on how you painted your carlists. I have a platoon of them that I have been wanting to paint for quite a while.

    1. Chris,

      I wrote a wholes series of blogs on my painting technique in 2009. The first one is at:

      Basically undercoat in black then when you're done paint them with Ronseal.

      If you want the paint colours I used let me know and I'll post a list.


    2. Yes. Paint colors is what I am looking for. I am pretty much a paint by numbers guy as I am partially color blind. The more help I can get the better.

    3. The paints are a mixture of Tamiya, GW and Dulux. I'll post a list when I'm back home.

  2. Chris,

    The paint scheme is this:

    Uniforms - Tamiya XF65 (Field Grey)
    Gaiters - Tamiya XF67 (Nato Green)
    Blanket rolls - Tamiya XF60 (Dark Yellow)
    (Hatching on the blankets is any green, blue or brown I have to hand)
    Berets - Citadel Blood Red
    Tassels - Citadel Golden Yellow
    Leather - Citadel Dark Flesh (if you can't get this use Tamiya XF9 - Hull Red instead)
    Shoes - Tamiya XF10 (Flat brown)
    Socks - Dulux Labrador Sand 6*
    Flesh - Citadel Bronzed Flesh
    Rifles - Tamiya XF79 (Linoleum brown)
    Rifle barrels are gun metal mix of black and (mithril) silver.

    Figures are finished with Ronseal Quick Drying Antique Pine Gloss Varnish.

    I think that's everything

    *Or you can just use any white you happen to have