Saturday, 6 October 2012

Derby 2012

So to the second of my usual annual wargames shows outings takes me to Derby for the World Championships with "Call it Qids".

The venue has moved from the University of Derby to the Castle Donington Exhibition Centre. This is basically a big warehouse next to the racing track. This means its a very big open space so all trade stands, games, and demonstrations are all in one big space. This is a definite improvement on the University site. Stacked up against this is it is cold and very noisy. The track noise intrudes into the venue and the acoustics mean you can't here anyone talking even if they're standing next to you. This is going to make running a game with the public a challenge.

Add to that the fact that I can't get a 3G signal on my phone and the battery appears to be flat in my camera plus I left the SD card reader at home means I've not got off to a good start. Plus the vendor of the figures I want hasn't got most of them in stock.At least he'll take an order and post for free, but I really wanted to see the figures before I bought. Ian Kay's another of the hobby's really nice guys and I can't blame him for being a bit light on stock. After all he has the largest range you can imagine.

Afternoon Update
The show seems to be busier than the last year but the venue is most certainly a bit soulless. I've tried to like it but I'm afraid I'm not a fan.

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