Tuesday, 2 October 2012

José María Bueno's "El Ejercito Espanol En Parada" - Set 5

And finally set 5, which contains the mythical Cavalry MG section. What is that truncated cone on the back of the horse?

Aviacion Legionaria Italiana
Italian Aviation Legion
Section de Ametralladoras de un escuadron de caballeria
Machine Gun Section of a Cavalry Squadron

Esquiadores Somosierra - Ski Troops

Primera Bandera de la Falange de Navarra
First Battalion of the Navarre Falange

Escuadron de Lanceros de Farnesio
Squadron of Farnese Lancers

Moroccan Cavalry (original caption illegible)

Batallion Expedicionario de Infantry de Marina
Marines Expeditionary Battalion

Section de Sanidad - Medical Teams
So that's all I've got. A unique resource hopefully stored in an accessible place for future wargamers.

Shame there's no Republicans.


  1. Nicely done. Thanks for the effort. I remember these prints from the late seventies.


    1. They are a real treasure trove. I wasn't aware of them until recently - until after I'd pretty much finished painting my armies. Hopefully by posting them on the blog and labelling them up properly people will be able to find them easily when looking for SCW uniforms.