Sunday, 30 December 2012

Shed Naming

Had a proper, full on SCW game in the shed on Friday afternoon, with most of the Monday Night team.

The game will be blogged in due course, but in the interim the subject of what The Shed is to be called came up.

Any suggestions welcomed.....


  1. The War Room

    The Battle Shed

    Trev's Retreat

    The Battle Cave

    -- Jeff

    I think that "Trev's Retreat" is my favorite (despite it's military connotation).

  2. The Bunker.

    Schloss Von Trebian.

  3. The Bunker.
    The Wolfs Lair
    HQ Trebian
    Trebs Shed
    The War Shed
    The War Den
    Treb Hof

  4. à l'abri de guerre
    It's a bit of a pun, as it's both "sheltered from war" and "at the war shed". The first is to be devoutly wished, and the second is what it is.

  5. My 'shed' is called 'The Hut' and the guys who play in it form 'The Hut Club'.


  6. The Wolves' Lair
    The Fortress of Solitude
    Camp Bastion 2
    The Bat Hut
    The Wooden War Room
    The Conference Room
    The Maginot Shed
    The Outhouse
    The Mealee Bag Hut

  7. All good suggestions so far, but nothing leaping out at me for the moment.

    Keep up with the suggestions.

  8. Replies
    1. I was leaning towards "Die Krieghütte", but bearing in mind my occasional use of puns, we may have a winner...

    2. I laughed out loud at "Shedquarters". I immediately though of Capt. Mainwaring and Co., jammed into a potting shed with Jones yelling "Don't panic! Don't panic!"

  9. warmshedlington on sea
    a shed too far
    shed of tears...
    El Shedamain
    50 sheds of ronseal
    Shedmageddon ( my favourite)
    ShedResearchGroup ( SRG)
    in a wargames development theme ...Cowshed