Sunday, 9 December 2012

Shed Update (3)

Hooray! the builder has finished.

Despite the cynicism of some of my followers the builder turned up this weekend to put the finishing touchers to the lining and the exterior, so (apart from a minor piece of ornamental boarding) we are finished and ready for the electricians to arrive on Monday.

I have even put down some carpet, complete with underlay, remnants of some recent redecorating. If I wasn't off doing family visiting this afternoon I'd have started to move in some of the "furniture". Actuwally if I was still at my old job I'd be taking Friday afternon off so we could get a game in.

Any how, I'm pretty sure that the grand Monday Night opening will be the 17th. Just can't decide whether it will be an enormous double-sized Neil Thomas AMW game, or an SCW run out with my new Carlists and Cavalry.

Choices, choices.


  1. Photos, sir, photos. We must have photos of this edifice.

    -- Jeff

  2. Well done Sir, and yes, photos please.



    Would be interested in your opinions of the various Neil Thomas offerings.

    1. I'll put up my Neil Thomas thoughts on the next blog.