Sunday, 13 January 2013

A visit to Shedquarters

Spent a couple of hours in the shed this morning, setting up the game for Monday.

I learnt a couple of things this morning:

1) The lighting is very good for taking pictures
2) It can still be very cold at first.

Dealing with the last point first I have now got two 2000kw fan heaters, which were soon going full blast and got the shed up to a bearable temperature fairly quickly.

This augurs well for Monday's game, given the weather forecast.

On the other issue, here are some shots of my Chinese project taken mostly without a flash:

The might (?) of the Imperials deployed in the Temple complex

Tiger men to the fore!

Manchu lancers on the left wing

Imperial spearmen. NB I have replaced the flag poles and flags as provided with paper ones.

Manchu mounted archers on the right wing, next to the artillery

60th Rifles lead the column across the causeway over the rice fields
The Sikhs bring up the rear
The Sikhs take occupation of the temple
The 60th Rifles show Buddha who is in charge

The figures are all Irregular miniatures. The temple buildings are self made from little ornaments picked up in various China-themed nick-nack shops, mostly in San Francisco.


  1. In six months you will be complaining about how hot it is in the shed.

    1. For that eventuality we have an oscillating tower fan, and both the heaters have a fan only option.

      I'm looking forwward to all year round wargaming.

  2. Pleasing to see this getting off the ground - well done for seeing it through.

    I know practically nothing about photography, but for me abandoning flash photography was the key to better photos. Then you need a good strong light bulb (150-200 watts, not easy to get these days), a cheap tripod (my mini one cost a fiver) and then, if you can, set your camera for as long a focal length as possible using the manual settings.

    I feel a complete fraud offering advice on taking photos, but it worked for me!

    All the very best with this project, Keith.

    1. I have a mini-tripod. These pictures were taken with my compact. I have an SLR with all the bits and pieces, but sometimes you just want top oint and click.

      The most important thing is the quality of thel ight. Shedquarters has four flourescent tubes, so it is quite bright inside.

  3. Sounds perfect. And you're right, fussing around with cameras in the middle of a game can be nuisance, so modern digital compacts are just right. Plus there's always Photoshop! (or iPhoto in my case).

    1. The photographer's eye is the most important thing. Phil takes much better pictures than me and he's using a much older camera!

  4. Do enjoy Your post - Question: are the IRREGULAR Miniatures 15mm? I do like them and what You have done - it looks a very interesting Period. Regards. KEV.

    1. Yes, they are 15mm. Their website is a bit of a nightmare to navigate. Choose 15mm from the ribbon at the bottom. The British are from the Indian Mutiny range, and the Imperials from the Colonial - Boxer Rebellion section. The new Taipings are in the Indian Mutiny section.


    2. Thankyou for the Information- Yes, familiar with the IRREGULAR sight - though I would never have guessed where all Your Figures originate from in the various ranges. Thanks again for the 1860 information. regards. KEV.

    3. There's a perverse logic to some of it. The IM British uniforms were worn in China at the time of the Taiping rebellion.