Sunday, 6 January 2013

Scrubs up nice enough

In between hospital runs over the last day or so I found time to do a JGE* paint job on one of my bargain buildings.

I think you'll agree that it's come out alright. I've polyfilla'd and sanded the base area that comes with it, and pulled off the less than tasteful reindeers frolicking in front, but otherwise it is unmodified. The clock is possibly on the large size, but that more than makes up for the lack of any doors.

To give you a better idea of the size here it is again, occupied during the famous Chinese invasion of Europe in the early 19th Century:

What do you mean you never heard of it? It could have only have to read that book "1421". The Chinese could have ended up anywhere**.

* Just Good Enough
** I wouldn't want this comment to be taken as any form of endorsement for a book which is basically a work of fiction. This remark is a joke. Still, makes for some interesting ideas. How about an Armada game with junks instead of Spanish galleons?


  1. So far so good. As you say, the clock is less than ideal. Have you considered Irregulars "Architectural" range? At least they do doors!

    1. Dear Unknown,

      Surprisingly, as I am a regular user of Irregular, I had missed the architectural pieces. Must look them up nex time I'm at a show.

      In defence of the clock face it does light up when you put the lamp back inside!