Saturday, 19 January 2013

Shed load of snow

Look, I know everyone has got snow, but I can't pass up the chance for the "shed load" pun.

So here is a picture of the shed in our pristine snow covered garden (I went out the front of the house and round the outside to take this picture over the fence to avoid footprints on the lawn) with the shed nestled under its snowy blanket at the far end.

I then went down to Shedquarters and checked it was okay and to brush the snow off the solar panel for the security lights. It seems okay, and the view is quite pretty.

The vague "footprints " at the base of the tree are caused by one of our squirrels. A regular little Winterwatch we are here.

Actually Shedquarters was quite warm even without the heating on, - a testament to the insulating properties of the layer of snow on the roof. Even so, I've retreated inside to get on with my Chinese project.

Next up, the 99th Lanarkshire Regiment in wicker helmets and pugarees and some mongol archers. According to Woleseley's memoir, which I've just finished, the 99th together with the 60th Rifles seem to be the most active regiment in the campaign. This is odd as not only were they in different brigades they were in different divisions as well.

Or maybe Hope Grant just shared duties equally between his Divisional commanders, so not so odd after all.


  1. Now all you need is the heated sidewalk to the shed from the house.

    1. Yes, you put your finger on the only flaw in the plan so far. The shed is warm enough to game in, but we can't get to it.....

      Actually the walkway along the back of the kitchen, - under the trellis with the clematis - is actually prettu much clear of snow. It gets a bit more tricky down the side of the garage.

      Next year's project, perhaps.

  2. Now you see why I stayed in Texas after I retired from the army rather than returning to up state New York! Good luck, hope the car wasn't too hard to find...)

    1. Car's in the garage.

      Just can't find the garage.