Sunday, 14 April 2013

Monday Night Preview

Casting around for ideas for Monday Night's game, it occurred to me that I hadn't played AK47 Republic for nearly 5 years.

I know the rules have been completely re-written and reissued as "AK47 - Reloaded" but I still have a soft spot for the originals. In fact I organised an annual AK47 tournament in the local village hall for 6 years from 2003-8 which peaked with about 30 players. It's also the first "period" I did in 15mm.

So, why not a trip down memory lane for Monday? Hopefully we'll have 4 players, so I can run two games on the table. I set these up this afternoon, - choosing types 1 & 4:

Type 1 is to the far end of the table. I discovered when doing this that my table is not the size I thought it was. It's only 11 feet long, instead of 12. Much annoyance and a prompt to sort out the permanent installation this summer, perhaps.

As Ian doesn't possess and army I've put one together for him. He chose, as ever, the Religious Movement:

I maxed it out on the political points, as is traditional in AK47. The basic army is, left to right:

  • 12 base militia infantry unit
  • 4  regular technicals
  • 12 base militia infantry unit
  • 2 regular tanks
  • 8 base militia infantry unit, supported by a technical

If I get to play, I'm using colonials (the Swamibian Defence Force)

The picture is a bit blurry, but again, left to right:

  • 7 bases regular infantry, with RCL on truck
  • 2 regular armoured cars
  • 6 bases professional infantr
  • 2 regular tanks
  • 6 bases professional infantry

Since I last played AK47 I've been to Africa a few times, so the terrain draws a bit upon that experience, as well as the rules descriptors.

Anyway, to round out this post, here are some close ups of the terrain, prior to playing.

The wide, fordable, river, complete with some local residents

The railway station with attendant shops and shoppers

Native village with dried up river bed. Honest.


  1. Think the first version of AK47 is still superior to the new version , which is to complicated

    1. Mosstrooper,

      I've never expressed a view in public on the new AK47 v old AK47 out of respect for what Martin was trying to do, but enough time has passed now.

      I agree completely. AK47 Republic, for all of its faults, was probably one of the most perfectly suitable, most enjoyable set of rules ever written. They had fun & joie de vivre at their very core, and they just worked. Impossible to explain, but they just worked.

      The new version solved all of the technical issues in the original rules but alas the patient died in surgery. It may be a good set of rules, but it isn't AK47.


    2. I think the baby was thrown out with the bath water !

    3. Doesn't Martin do one of those in the civilian pack?

  2. I know this is a long time after this was posted, but seeing the complete army with a count of bases and units was very helpful to me as I'm getting ready to put my first two armies together, having just gotten the classic rules PDF. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome. The rules really are as simple as they appear to be, but what makes a good army is open to debate. Don't trust my judgement on that score.