Thursday, 2 May 2013

Warbases Ruins

Phil turned up a few weeks ago with a "Stalingrad" laser cut ruined building from Warbases.

I have no need of Stalingrad, at the moment, but I have talked about wargaming the action around University City in the SCW using PBI, so inexpensive shells of modern buildings are on my shopping list.

Warbases do two sizes, a £4 large & a £3 small (or regular, in coffee-speak), so I felt it was worth asking Phil to pick me up £10's worth a the next show he went to (one large and two small).

The "kits" consist of four sides and an interior base to strengthen the construction. As far as I can see some of the parts are common to both buildings and it looks like you could mix and match a bit and make a combined mega-ruin as well. I also realised that I should have made one of them "inside-out" as well to give me variety.

Phil's assembly breakthrough is to use the interior base as a first floor (second floor, if you're American) so the figures aren't lost in the bottom of them. Mine went together well, but they do need gluing, - you can't store them flat packed.

Here are some test photos with some IB's & Carlists for illustrative purposes.

The three buildings

Popular Army in possession
Carlist's assaulting some IB's
Potential mega-ruin layout
The buildings were glued with standard PVA and slightly textured with polyfilla, especially on the corners. They were then treated to a very thick layer of Dulux emulsion and dry brushing with the same.

I'm pleased with the results. May treat myself to some more.


  1. They look good Graham. Did I mention that I am planning Stalingrad as my next NQM project? Are you up for another 3 week game?

    Regards, Chris

    1. Only 3 weeks? Didn't it take us a year to fight Moscow?

  2. An interesting addition and surprisingly low-cost

    1. I agree. I've seen other examples like this, which were admittedly more sophisticated, but at more than what I was prepared to pay.

      As a grown up with power tools and a workshop making buildings isn't a big deal, - it's just time consumin. Plus the other probelm with modern buildings is getting all of those windows properly lined up!

      For the more sophisticated - and pricy - end of the market look at: