Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Widening my perspective

Will put on another 20mm plastic ACW game this week, - the Battle of Wilson's Creek. Since we last played he has hacked about at the rules a bit as he works at what he does and doesn't like in the originals.

This week we were at Ian's as I am preparing Shedquarters for a Bank Holiday game. The other main point of interest (other than Will's game) was my testing of a new lens and macro attachment on my digital SLR. So, lots of pictures, little narrative.

For this game Phil & I played the slavers, Chris K & Ian the deniers of state rights.

Ian surveys the opening positions. Actually he's making tea

Will trying to work out what he's doing
"So Will, what exactly are these again?"

A couple of moves in Yankees already on Bloody Hill.
The MNG, l-r Ian, Me, Phil, Will & Chris K

More fighting on the Bl**dy Hill

Yet another Reb failure to close with the Yankees
Reb Reserves "rush" across the Creek

The Rebs finally make it onto Bloody Hill. Game over
Macro lens shot of a Fluttering Flag.

So the game ended with a Reb victory. Lots of frustrating dice rolling as ever in an RFCM game. Phil's average Rebs failed over three or more turns to get enough APs to assault from 3 inches, even with a general attached. We all enjoyed the game, but there is something not quite right with this game system.

(The camera is a Canon EOS350D. The new lens is a 10-22mm Sigma f4.5. I'm using a SLIK Mini-pro V desktop tripod. The macro lens came with a 58mm wide angle adapter set)


  1. Awesome bit of techno-babble at the end, Treb :)

    Nice pictures, though ...

    And we got there in the end!


    1. Techno-babble? I've just inished a job sitting opposite a camera nut. That's barely nursery talk for camera types!

  2. An interesting game that achieved a historical result by what felt like a not very historical route. It started me thinking about the language of gamers, and what it adds or detracts from the gaming experience. I had a lot of time to sit and watch my raw troops do relatively little (as apparently they did historically).

    Will has put a nice game together, but I wondered if all the talk of 'activating' troops and focussing on how well the dice rolled took something away. Perhaps it's time for some more polemic, but I'll read Chandler and Griffith again before I do.

    Regards, Chris.

    1. I think we can stand a degree of inaction if there's enough bonhomie and chocolate cake to go round.

      The trouble is always going to be a lot of raw troops at this stage of the war. Unless Will introduces the genral re-rolls we discussed the raw troops (and some average) are going to sit around a lot of the time. Be ware that Phil's avergae column sat at the bottom of a hill doing nothing for half the game.