Tuesday, 11 June 2013

China Refresh

Having got back from holiday I checked what was happening at CoW, which is in less than a month's time.

It appears that I'm offering a session with my 19th Century Chinese rules. I felt like I needed a refresher, so I set up a simple game last Thursday evening.

I went for a fairly open terrain, with two British infantry brigades supported by cavalry attacking all the Chinese I had finished painting. I'm afraid that some bits and pieces still had to come from my Sudan collection as not everything is done yet.

I was obviously more interested in the new building than the figures when I took this picture, as I've missed the Manchu cavalry out completely who are closest to the camera. The cavalry in the distance are Mongols.

Alas by the time I got the camera out to photograph one of the Manchu units had routed and was streaming to the rear.

The other cavalry units are cleverly working their way round the flanks to make use of their numbers.

Here's a picture of the mah jong tiles being used as unit markers. This is a "4" in Chinese numerals. I think they look quite neat.

A general view from the middle of the Chinese position and their massed artillery. The guns are masked by the tigermen, but it doesn't matter. They couldn't hit anything anyway.

The Mongol cavalry charges the 1st Dragoon Guards. This didn't end well for the Mongols.

The middle of the Chinese army has collapsed following some well aimed barrages from the combined British artillery. This is entirely realistic.

Not a very clear description of the game. Here are a few more of my pictures just to round the post off.

A better picture of the Chinese artillery and their infantry support.

I'm using playing cards for status markers for the Europeans. Nice cultural touch, I thought.

The Royal Scots close in the Chinese main battle line.

The game was an important refresher on my ideas on the period, and I took a lot of notes. The rules are half way through a re-write. Most of the design decisions are holding up, so it is just a case of calibrating exactly what the ranges should be and what you need to roll to hit. I need to lok more closely at command and unit activation, however.

Very pleased with the progress so far.


  1. Trebian,

    It looks like your project is developing very nicely indeed ... and I look forward to seeing it at COW.

    All the best,


    1. I shall look forward to discussing my ideas on the period with you.

      If anything else, we can always just agree that the figures look nice.