Friday, 27 December 2013

Assyrian Agyain

More Assyrians, this time the chariot. It's taken a few days to finish, what with Christmas and all, but it has come up okay I think.

In order to keep the platform level I mounted the chariot itself on a base to get it up to the same height as the horses before I stuck it onto the main base. This is something Phil has urged me to do with other chariots in previous armies, but it hasn't been necessary because of the amount of play in the yoke. This time it sort of became essential.

It's a bit of a squeeze getting all of the crew in, but it is worth the effort and they don't look like they couldn't cope if it went into action.

The driver is a nice pose, but there's a lot of plastic between his arms which I might carve out next time round.

Used lots of my new colours on this one as well.

So, although I don't do reviews, I'll make an exception in this case. There's a review here: PSR Assyrian Chariot Review already, but I feel entitled to my two-penn'orth. As you can see from their picture, the chariot isn't on a base and so slopes back quite a bit. Good decision from me on basing it up, I think.

Anyway, what do I think? Well, it is a nice looking model. The pieces are well realised and the figures have lovely, fine detail and once you get them together I think it looks really, really, nice. Things aren't all rosy, however.

Firstly the plastic is very soft. That isn't a problem for the infantry and cavalry but in anything where you're trying to push pegs into holes, it's an issue. Also, I found, unlike PSR, that it doesn't "fit together pretty well". The holes in the base of the chariot are in the wrong place for the pegs on the yoke. After much wrestling with it in the end I made new holes using a mapping pin. There's no point in even trying to hitch the yoke to the horses with the holes and pegs on the figures. I just carved the pegs off and glued it in place.

The crew don't fit in the chariot if you try to put their pegs in the holes in the base. It isn't clear who goes where and it is really, really, fiddly.  These do not assemble as well as either the Sumerian or Indian chariots.

In a way that isn't a surprise. They're a good deal less "chunky" than the other vehicles, and the detail is finer.

So, what about the positives? Well, it paints up really nicely even with a muppet like me daubing the colours on. The figures are beautifully detailed without being ridiculously over sized or loaded up with deep cuts. They are strongly reminiscent of the old Ral Partha stuff. Once you gut the pins off the crew's feet they superglue into the chariot easily enough.

The big plus is the affordability. I paid about £6 a box from Hannants, and each box has 3 models in it. That's £2 for a four horse, four crew, 25mm chariot. There's no close equivalent from the big suppliers. Warlord Games don't even do a 28mm plastic Assyrian Chariot. Theirs is metal and comes in at £15 per model. That's a huge difference. Even though I could afford to buy them, I say to myself "why"? I even prefer the look of the Hat figures, and at least I can pick up the box once the army's complete without getting a hernia.

So, that's what 2014 holds for me. Another 8 of these chariots, and an awful lot of infantry and cavalry as well.

I might even get round to putting some games on.


  1. That is a nice looking model!

    You say this is a 25mm model. How would this chariot look on the table with say, Foundry 25mm chariots?

    1. It's what I'd call 25mm, but then I started collecting in the 1970s. PSR reckon the figures are 23mm, excluding the base.

      I'd say they'd be dwarfed by Foundry in both height and width. I think they'd be a good match in height terms to old Minifigs, Ral Partha and some Essex.

      Alas if you're committed to Foundry for your infantry this wouldn't be a cheap short cut for your chariots.

    2. Thanks for the review. I thought since they were Hat these might be more towards "true" 25mm measured from foot to top of head. That's what I call 20mm or 1/72. So, at 23mm, these would be dwarfed by Foundry.

      Great information and great looking model!

    3. I fear anything remotely what used ot be 25mm would be dwarfed by Foundry. Perhaps you could deploy them at the back and pretend they were further away.

  2. Very nice, Assyrian chariots are always impressive on a table...great work!

    1. I think they'll look good en masse. Hard work getting there tho'

  3. Looks good to me - the base under the car helps I think ;) ... You'll be needing some good chariot rules now (I think these war vehicles would have been much more daunting than those Onager carts the Sumerians used to wobble about in ...)

    Here's to 2014!


    1. The base was essential to get a sensible looking build. The rules for these will probably be easier as we have a general understanding of how proper chariots work, unlike those lumbering wagons.

      Don't we?

  4. Replies
    1. Now we don't have Ian tyo enlightewn us we'll just blunder around in the dark, making wild guesses.

      That usually works.