Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wednesday Preview

Some pictures of the Assyrians before their first engagement, due Wednesday evening.

Playing AMW straight from the book means 8 units a side, each with four bases. Working my way steadily through my pile of boxes bought last year(see earlier post) means I have now finished the following:

2 chariot units (total 8 chariots)
2 cavalry units (total 24 horse men)
3 allied auxiliaries (total 36 figures)
1 unit of slingers (total 8 figures)
3 units of light archers (total 32 figures)
3 units regular heavy infantry with long shields (48 figures)
2 units Royal Guard infantry with round shields (32 figures)

Some of the heavy infantry are a mix of spearsmen and archers, with the rear rank armed with bows. No General figure yet, but AMW doesn't need it. Still a lot to paint, and unless I change the chariot rules will need to buy more of those as well.

The pictures below are just some quick snaps to whet the appetite:

Army number 1. Includes the slingers and two auxiliary infantry

Army number 2. Includes the two Guards. Will be the army to beat.

Two units of Regular Infantry

Cavalry and chariots almost in the picture

Two units of Allied Auxiliaries

The Royal Guards
As I said, I've got quite a bit more to paint. There's probably another 2 cavalry regiments, and lots of heavy infantry. At least double what I have now I think. There's also some more light archers, and one more auxiliary unit, or two if I can find some spare figures elsewhere to fill the gap.

I'm pretty sure I need more figures I'll be using these for Babylonians as well, so it might be good if their heavy infantry was based at least in part on the allies box, so I can at least tell the difference.

My resolve on these is to play the rules straight, and not write my own.

Yeah. Right.

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